It's more fun in the Philippines

Where to Stay

There are plenty of establishments to accomodate both the hardy adventurer and laid-back vacationer wanting to relax. There are inland hotels and inns for those who are looking to explore more of Mindoro’s vast jungles and mountains, and beachfront resorts for those who cannot wait to jump into the water to marvel at the sea's boundless beauty.

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Eating Out and Nightlife

White Beach and Sabang offer the liveliest scenes in “honky-tonk” Puerto Galera. People literally flock to these places for the most famous parties they throw every night. As soon as the sun sets, the shores of these serene beaches come alive to the tune of booming karaoke machines and marathons of playing live bands and spinning DJs. There are rows of bars and pubs waiting to offer a party experience unlike anywhere else. Food and drinks are very inexpensive. At daytime, clubs are either closed or moonlight as quaint cafes and restaurants, catering to the tired and lazy folk looking to relax catch their breath after weary drive into the beatiful waters of Puerto Galera.

Dive Attractions

Japanese Wreck

This is the remains of a WWII Japanese patrol boat where sweetlips and moray eels are residing. The dive site can be a bit tricky as it is hard to find and can only be done on a flood tide. 

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Brief Description

Considered to be one of the most beautiful and safest harbours in the world, Puerto Galera is primarily famous for its splendid beaches, coral reefs teeming with marine life and exquisite dive sites suitable for new and experienced divers alike. The area features over two dozen prime dive sites, all of which are well worth diving. What's more, diving in Puerto Galera is possible all year round. Given its lofty reputation as an underwater paradise, Puerto Galera is also the perfect gateway to some of the most unspoilt territories and national parks in the vast island of Mindoro. One will be lured to explore pristine lakes, rivers and waterfalls, meet indigenous tribes with their own stone-age hand-writing , or trek thru lush vegetations and forests.

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Getting There

From Manila and via Batangas pier, Puerto Galera is approximately 4 hours traveling time. Buses depart every 30 minutes from numerous bus stations in Manila (Cubao and along EDSA) for Batangas. From the pier, ferry services are available to Balatero,Sabang or Muelle on Mindoro Oriental.

Most resorts offer direct transfers from Manila and back as part of their package. Please check with your preferred hotel/resort facility beforehand. 


Regional Attractions: Romblon

Recognized as the Marble Country of the Philippines, Romblon is famed for its rich marble deposits. Cobrador Island, the largest among the islets dotting the seas around Romblon, is reputed to hold deposits of rare black, gold and green marble. The other treasures of Cobrador Island are its beaches – the most prominent being the wide expanse of fine white sand about one kilometer along its eastern side.

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