Adventures in a Philippine paradise in a new season of Euronews' "Life"

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  Adventures in a Philippine paradise in a new season of Euronews' "Life"

Adventures in a Philippine paradise in a new season of Euronews' "Life"


Adventures in a Philippine paradise in a new season of Euronews'

In four special episodes of Euronews' Life series reporter Katharina Kaun travels across the idyllic archipelagos of the Philippines.Katharina takes viewers on a voyage of discovery, getting to know the people, history, culture and natural wonders of this nation of 105 million dispersed inhabitants. The country reveals its many attractions, from the bustling capital of Manila to the tourist paradise of Boracay, across beautiful landscapes in Donsol and UNESCO world heritage sites in Luzon.

1st episode:
Manila, bustling city and business life, on air 7 May 2013
The capital Manila is the focus of the opening episode of this new Life season. Not only is it a bustling multi-cultural city, it is also a centre of commerce. Katharina Kaun meets with some of the country's most influential business people: fashion designer Oliver Tolentino, whose clients include Hollywood celebrities, the Philippines' director of the Asian Development Bank, the co-owner of the well-known Jeepney brand Sarao and a visionary architect.

2nd episode:
Boracay, dragon boat festival and surfer's paradise, on air 20 May 2013
The Euronews team arrives on the most famous island in the Philippines just in time for the famous dragon boat race festival, a spectacle of colour, sound and action. In addition to its festivities Boracay offers picture-postcard beaches, which are a paradise for surfers from all over the world. Conditions are ideal for both kitesurfers and windsurfers of all levels..

3rd episode:
Donsol, nature and adventure combined on a dive with the whale sharks, on air 3 June 2013
Donsol, situated in the heart of the Philippine archipelagos, is a special destination since in the first quarter of every year one can dive and swim with whale sharks. The Euronews team sets out in a boat in search of the huge but friendly blue-grey creatures. The amazing experience in Donsol continues below the waves with scuba diving in the dazzling Philippines underwater world.

4th episode:
Luzon, exploring UNESCO world heritage sites, on air 17 June 2013
On a mission to discover the country's cultural heritage, the final episode brings Katharina and her team to the UNESCO world heritage sites in the North of Luzon, the Philippines largest island. First stop: the famous rice terraces of Banaue. On a hike through the wonderful green landscape, Katharina talks to local famers in the village of Batad. Second stop: Vigan, the best-preserved example of a planned Spanish colonial town in Asia. The last stop of the "Life" journey is the baroque church in Paoay. Built in the late 16th century, its unique architectural style is a reinterpretation of European Baroque by Chinese and Philippine craftsmen.

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